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No, I'm not but there won't be any April Fool's Day pranks.

No, I’m not but there still won’t be any April Fool’s Day pranks.

Hello. I chose to not get on the internet at all yesterday. I spent it with my fam so  I apologize for not posting the Black Trivia. I know many of you look forward to reading and seeing if you have to answer correct but B.T. will resume tonight. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. My children and I had a wonderful time. We just spent time enjoying each others company, actually yesterday I didn’t have to play referee as much, it really was one of those rare enjoyable days. They go back to school tomorrow, finally. They’ve had over a week out of school. I’ve gone from mom to referee. My oldest try to bully his younger sister and brother and they are without a doubt, not having any of it. One day I’m going to go in the bathroom and come out to find him tied up in a corner, just that quick. Hopefully he’ll get the message sooner than later. For now I must get them prepared for school in the morning and they are not ready but oh well, it’s that time. Enjoy the rest of your evening and as always Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others.