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Staying fit fighting old waysNO, of course not :/ Truthfully as it pertains to exercising, Yesss :-(! Lack of motivation, laziness are the top two. One minute I can push myself and go in pretty hard for a few days then there are the far TOO many other times. I would be so much further in this weight control battle if I would remain consistent with my exercising. I’m still moving but I’m not as thrilled about the results yet I know it’s me preventing me from being where I could be. One thing I remain consistent with is maintaining 350 calories or less per meal for the most part. I did give myself a free day. A day where technically I wasn’t going to count calories. My mind wouldn’t allow it. Technically I wasn’t measuring but actually I was. Before when getting a drink of juice I’d get a glass and fill it all the way to the top. On this “free” day, I grabbed a glass to get some juice I had the intention of filling it to the top when I went in the fridge and grabbed the juice yet I only filled my glass half way. The only thing that really made this a “free” day was the fact that I made homemade Mac N’ Cheese. Mac N’ Cheese no matter how you make it, is HIGH in calories. There are ways to prepare it to reduce the calories but it’s still a high in calorie meal. I’ve told myself this is a “free” day but I had a very light breakfast and light lunch because I knew what I was going to have for dinner. My children made a cake. I had a slice so thin as my mother says, one could see through it, Lol. Had ice cream. The serving size said 1/2 cup 120 calories so I gave myself half of a half of cup or 60 calories. I found myself eating just enough to give myself the satisfaction of eating the food but not over doing as I used to. So I’m proud of where I am for the most part I just wish I would do more to have more/better results. I’m still able to fit my clothes which tells me I haven’t gotten rid of enough pounds for “real” change. They are loose. However I am able to fasten all my clothes. I”m going to say by the end of 2011 early 2012 I had reached the point where I had to wear long shirts to cover up the fact that I couldn’t button my pants or I had to wear certain skirts which for whatever reason for the most part I bought bigger than my pants. I gotten to the point where I could zip my pants for the most part but not button them. Now I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years, The clothes I’ve been wearing for the last few years not only can I zip all the way up and button them, they are getting loose, to the point where I need a belt. I just had bigger expectations with a 30 pound minimum weight drop. Yet that is just a reminder to me of how far I didn’t realize I had gone. Therefore how far I have to come from. What keeps me going is when I look in the mirror. I look in the mirror I don’t see the results I want, but I do see changes. I see the loss of a chin, LOL!!! I wanted that loss. It was like I had 2 working on 3 chins. So for me that’s change, for me that’s something to be proud of. Today when I look in the mirror and yes I did just go and check 🙂 but today when I look in the mirror I see my actual chin. Yeah I can kinda still see another chin there sadly but it’s not so obvious. Clearly from a side view but not so, almost not at all face to face. Again, it’s something possibly just enough to keep me motivated a little to stay on track as best I have so far. Right now I’m in a pair of Capri Jeans a year ago I could not get into. Today not only am I totally in them, I can pull them up on me without squirming, no problems at all even tho’ they are fastened. So I am really stoked about that. I’m just looking forward to the day I can say there is no way I can wear these jeans or any of my clothes for that matter, they are way too big and I pray I am fit and healthy and totally satisfied with my reflection in the mirror and I have the money to go shopping and get a total and completely new wardrobe. I’m not ready for my before and after shot because I’m not far enough from where my before photo showed me to be. My Before photo I took in July 2010 and from July 2010 and the end of 2011 I possibly had gained about 30-50 pounds. When I looked at that photo last year. I tried on the jean skirt I had on in the photo, I couldn’t fit it, the shirt was tight, not fashion tight, but physically tight on me. It was like the cuff of my shirt was taking my Blood Pressure. Today I am back in my jean skirt. My shirt fits comfortably and its longer on me. This weight battle thing is no joke. Before I had SAID I was going to lose weight, I’d make a half a$$ attempt, go off track and say oh well, I tried I can’t do it, so this is who I am, this is who God made me to be, so if I find myself old (40,50+ and needing meds then that’s just the way it’s meant to be and that’s the way its been for many of those in my family so why should I expect anything different. I know these words sound familiar to somebody other than myself. It’s a fight it’s not easy but it’s possible. I gave myself a “free” day after about what just under or just over two months. Then next day BOOM, right back on my goal I went. Will I treat myself again, I’m sure. Grill days are coming up. Difference is preparation. Everything is home-made. Mac N’ cheese I use skim milk same thing with my cakes. I used to either buy already made cakes or boxed cakes. Now I or my children make the cakes. In my cakes I also mix light brown sugar in with the white sugar AND I don’t add all the sugar the recipe recommends. Brown sugar is healthier than white so by using brown sugar and skim milk I’m cutting the fat and calories. So the answer to “are you slipping back into your old ways?” More or less, NO!! I’m not exercising as often as I’d like but until the end of last year or even earlier this year I hadn’t exercised at all in like 2 years. I’ve gone from drinking about 3-4 GALLONS possibly more of Coca Cola in a month to none. I used to drink several bottles of Coca Cola EVERYDAY. Some people have coffee, I had Coca Cola. Oddly/surprisingly I haven’t had a craving for it lately. I thought on my “free” day I would but I didn’t.  Today the first thing I consume I can say almost every morning is Ice Cold water, 16-24+ ounces. I drink more water than anything. I have made drastic changes regarding bad habits, poor choices, etc, etc. You can too, all you have to do is say it with me, QUIT USING EXCUSES 🙂 LOL!!!