When I started this one year and some days ago I was trusting for my stopping drinking Coca Cola to take off the weight. Yet I got bit by the bug. The weight was coming off and I was barely trying, mainly leaving the pop alone. I wanted more, so I had to do more. It went to exercising, part time but moving more than before, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and now to a 350 per meal calorie plan. I’m not where I’d like to be, I don’t believe I’m even where I thought I’d be but I am not where I was. When I started sadly I was 295 pounds about a pants size of 30-32. At last check some time back I was 263 pounds and I am now fitting a size 22-24. The 22-24 is rather loose so It doesn’t totally fit but it’s not as big as I’d like it to be. I got on my scale the other day to find it wasn’t working, I bought a battery thinking that would solve the problem and it still didn’t work so I must get me another scale or try the other battery actually maybe the battery is defective, I hadn’t thought about that until just now so maybe I’ll try again tomorrow morning. I thought I would have gotten rid of 50+ pounds by now but its possible I would have if I’d been exercising and not going up and down. Drop a pound a two gain a half of pound and have days, weeks of no pounds dropped. That routine was started to cause me to lose motivation so I had to try something different which is why I started trying on clothes I hadn’t been able to fit in a long while. Today I am able to say that I can fit all my clothes again, an actually they are almost too big for me to fit. Well this is it for now. Thought I’d share where I came from and where I am. Wish I was further along but I’m still not giving up and I’m moving forward. As I said on someone’s Facebook page is that I’m going to keep on this journey to get rid of these pounds until I look in the mirror and see more muscles instead of fat and I am happy with myself inside and out. My 40 B.D. is still some months away so time will tell either way I’ll be closer to my goal than I am now so I will say to myself on my 40th job well done no matter what. I have Q.U.E. and made life changing decisions. These life changing decisions most likely have added years to my life. You too can Q.U.E. and do what’s best for you and your health. For all who support thank you VERY much. Lifting my spirits, you truly keep me lifted and show me that good weight control and health is obtainable at any age if you put in the time and work. Thank You!!! I feel GREAT!!! and it’s going to get better.

Quit Using Excuses

Really, I could have started this yesterday, but I just had to have a Coca Cola so no more until I have dropped 25 pounds. How long will it take I’m not sure just hoping to be successful and stick with it. Via the internet some have done so in 2 months my goal isn’t just to get rid of it but to keep it off as well so if that must take time, then time it must take. My water intake I have increased drastically I was just under 64 ounces yesterday, today I must drink 64 oz. or more an I don’t foresee any difficulty in doing so. Have a Great day and remember you can accomplish your goal.

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