Greetings fellow Blog World members. Black Trivia went on hold due to a family emergency I had to handle. My mom was in the hospital for several days and the issue has not been resolved to my satisfaction an I have been watching her as best as possible. I steal sleep when I can because I try to watch her as much as possible. As a person who likes consistency I made the decision to place Black Trivia’s Q&A on hold. My son was posting for me as he remembered but again I like consistency so I just told him not to do anything. Sorry for the late notice I know people follow the trivia questions even tho’ very few post an answer. The last few days was a pretty good for her hopefully all will continue to get better therefore I hope to resume Black Trivia Q&A Monday evening of June 10, 2013. Sorry for any and or all inconvenience. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others, Good Night!!!