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What a day of events in the George Zimmerman trial today. I have been at odds in my own way with The state of Florida with various trials and arrests within the State. Including last years handling of the Casey Anthony trial. However today I must say I was pleased today. They did not give the defense any room to maneuver around in. The State pretty much forced a recess until tomorrow morning b/c the defense objected to what they once agreed to being in evidence for the trial, previous 911 and non emergency call by GZ. In the presence of the jury the defense team objected and before dismissing the jury it was stated how the defense agreed to this evidence once being admitted. This wasn’t the first  game today. The first BS of the day was when O’Marra tried to have Tracy Martin Trayvon’s father dismissed from the courtroom. He stated that Tracy had allegedly threatened a member of GZ’s family/friend. Delaronda who was so great during his questioning of this said “victim” it was found that there wasn’t a threat he allegedly called the guy a MF’R the incident had not occurred today but in fact a week or two ago. The “victim” stated he didn’t remember exactly what day it occurred on but he had told GZ’s wife Shellie Zimmerman who told the attorney O’Marra who advised him to present it to the court. Long story short Mr. Martin was permitted to remain in the courtroom. Mr. O’Marra also asked the court to remove both of Trayvon’s parents on the grounds of fairness. That since Zimmerman’s parents couldn’t be present during the trial then Trayvon’s parents shouldn’t be allowed to be present either. The Judge hit him with case files stated why the parents of Trayvon had the right to remain present as long as their actions does not require a court decision to take that right and that GZ’s parents will have the same right once they give their testimony which is the reason they can’t be present during the entire court proceeding. This is so ridiculous. The games I was expecting but oh I forgot the most craziest part of all. The Knock Knock Joke the defense started their opening statements with. I could not believe what I was hearing. You are a defense attorney of many years and you begin your defense of a defendant who is accused of murdering a child with a joke. Jerry Bruckheimer I believe the executive producer of all the CSI’s and other criminal shows could not have written that into one of his scripts. I just hope the State of FL stays the course. One thing I will say they must get more organized an expect the unexpected. The recess occurred today b/c O’Marra wanted to block the admission of the video they once agreed to admit so the State of FL didn’t have any case files that would lead the court toward why or why not the previous 911 calls did not need to be entered. Even a 911 call from earlier in that day. State of FL did show where Zimmerman stated in his 911 call that “they always get away” and Don West the defense attorney for GZ mentioned during his opening statements the previous break ins that had occurred in the area so the previous 911 were justified. So the State need to learn to expect the unexpected the defense team will not play fair sort of speak and to use all the evidence they have. With the Casey Anthony trial the State of FL was too confident in what they had held evidence only to find after the Casey Anthony trial that the evidence that was with held possibly would have led to her being found guilty. The trial is to resume tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM for attorneys and 9 AM for the jury and the witness who was on the stand.