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The trial for the person who murdered Trayvon Martin officially began this morning. I have been watching this trial today. I didn’t bother to watch the jury selection the week or two prior. I’ve watched various other trials. I’ve had to watch trials as part of various assignments when I was taking classes for my Bachelors in Criminal Justice yet this is the most weird of any Criminal case I’ve seen by far. The defense attorney Don West in the early portion of his opening statements did a Knock Knock Joke. WTH??? He was addressing the jury and they did not respond at all so he goes nothing. What type of response are you expecting given the seriousness of this trial. A kid is dead!!! Praying for the parents, they are going to hear and see so much. The defense is trying to blame Trayvon not the person who profiled and murdered him. It’s taken a long time to get from the murder to the trial but we are finally here. Justice for the Martin family will be served!!