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Boy I guess everyday will have its share of drama/issues. The State is responding well except for the last witness who testified for today I believe witness #9 she is being called I believe they may have tried to over prepare her. More or less influencing her testimony. Anything or trickery which would help the defense we just don’t need. Witness #9 was found to have a “difference” in her testimony today versus her disposition she gave on the day of the incident. She also was found to have signed the change.org petition to have GZ convicted for Trayvon’s murder and she LIKED the Justice for Trayvon Martin Facebook page. The most important thing a witness can do for Trayvon Martin and his family is to be totally honest!! Today was one of the hardest days this trial could bring. Trayvon’s parents had to sit and look at photos of their sons lifeless body. They showed the wound from the gun GZ shot him with. His body lying face down in the grass. Each hand, the hoodie he was wearing. Just very graphic and hard to look at photos. The parents both stepped out at one point but Ms. Sabrina Fulton Trayvon’s mom came back in while Mr. Martin Trayvon’s father stayed out. As I said on my Facebook page I applaud Mr. Martin. They are both enduring something they never thought they would have to endure and showing great strength but there is something about the strength of a mother. Mr. Martin may have left b/c the anger he must be feeling to see all his son went through and the person who is responsible sitting only so many inches to feet away. Yet Ms. Fulton, she looked down from time to time may have even wiped a tear or two but I guess she felt if my son could face this then at the very least I can sit and watch all he endured facing it. One of the first responding officers and the Crime Scene Technicians who took most if not all the photos of the crime scene testified today. The Officer testified about finding Trayvon unresponsive and he’s not certified to call him deceased but definitely in need of serious medical help. He tried administering CPR breaths but heard gurgling he had to find a way to plug the bullet wound in Trayvon’s chest area. A regular citizen of Asian descent got him the items he asked for so he could try to get and or keep Trayvon breathing. Today was one of the vitally important yet tedious days of the trial. Many photos, long testimonies and many emotions. Please keep the family and friends of Trayvon Martin in your prayers. GN!!