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RIP Devon BlogTonight my 23-year-old young cousin took his last breath on this earth. I remember holding this young man as a baby. Seeing him pitter patter through his grandma’s house getting into everything. Never did I ever imagine I would out live him. Despite faults that we all have in one shape or another he was always a respectful young man to me. So many times young people go from children to too grown I didn’t have that problem with him. My cousin who is about the same age as me is burying her son who is the same age of my oldest son. They were born just weeks to months apart. My heart is so heavy right now. More or less I’m speechless. I’ve been looking at his photos on FB just remembering the handsome young man he was. This life passes us by so fast, almost in one blink and the person you love is gone.

In families there is so much confusion, we have lost sight of the good times and the love because of all the bad. When we must say things like “we may fight but we’re still family and fight or not I love you”, just love stop the fighting stop the hating and just express the love you say you have. Why do we hurt those the most that we should be loving and holding onto the tightest. I feel blessed that even tho’ this young man is gone I have nothing but pleasant memories.

To his mother no words can express the sadness and the pain you are feeling. Just know as always I love you and my heart just aches for you, his siblings, aunts, uncles and everyone else in their respective places.

Rest In Gods’ Arms Angel.