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If ya mad now, stay tuned the new me is going to piss you off!!!!!!

If ya mad now, stay tuned the new me is going to piss you the F’ off!!!!!! I plan to wear one of these unless something else captures my attention within the next 10 months.

Good Morning Bloggers!!!

As some of you know I am on a journey to get excess POUNDS OFF of ME. I began this journey last may (2012) b/c my mom was dropping wt and I was gaining. Being that I was doing all her meals and the one who moves about I had to find out why I was gaining and she was coming down off the pounds. Well in the last 3-4 years my mom has come down about 50-60 pounds. IMO she looks amazing. She’s 84 years of age weigh less than 200 pounds something she says she hasn’t weighed less than since she don’t know when. She’s happy about it, her Dr. is happy about it, he said her Blood Pressure, Diabetes are within normal range b/c of her coming off the weight. No exercise she walks with a walker so her movements are limited, just better eating. She’s never hungry because she’s eating healthier meals, at times I believe we eat more than before and still able to shed the pounds, and still eat and enjoy various snacks from time to time. My mom still eats and drink just about everything she ate years ago, without over indulging.

Last March I found I drank not ate my calories. So May 1, 2012 I took myself off my biggest calorie and sugar intake, Coca Cola’s. Some people drink several cans of beer I drank several 12 oz. bottles of Coca Cola a day. I still struggle with this issue from time to time but I have reduced my habit by 95% at least. Rarely did a day go by I wasn’t drinking at least 12 ounces. Breakfast, lunch nor dinner was complete without my Coca Cola fix. Surprisingly there are times I have gone months without one teeny-weeny sip of pop/soda. I now drink 100 oz’s to a gallon of pure water or more per day. One year plus ago I did good to get one liter of pure water. I’d add flavored packets to it but rarely did I just drank plain water. Today I feel better, my skin appears healthier, my face is smaller. I notice in pics I had taken some years back about 3 years. My waste is slimmer, I am in clothes I had not been able to wear for YEARS. My oldest is 23 years old and the last time I could put on a swimsuit and look IMO okay in he was a baby. Well I am giving myself 10 months or less to get in SWIMSUIT SHAPE!!!!! What made me check out the swimsuits I do not know. Glad I did tho’. If you can see it then you can achieve it, right. 15 months ago I challenged myself to shed 50 pounds by I believe the time I turn 40. I chose to start small b/c I think I doubted my ability to shed the pounds. Well given the fact that I was 295 when I started I got down to the 250’s then in June I gained some pounds about 7-8 pounds possibly even more the clothes I had not too long gotten into was getting hard to fasten. Those clothes are again fastening with no problem, the clothes I’ve been wearing are getting bigger and bigger, looser and looser some I must wear a belt with. The point is I see I can shed the pounds with effort for me it ain’t easy. I make a conscious effort just about everyday if not daily. I want to shed even more. I hope to shed at least another 60 pounds within the next 6 months, by my 40th BD, February, 2014 and then by June of 2014 have myself ready to debut the SWIMSUIT SHAPE ME at FORTY!!!! I should have set my goal higher. I am a procrastinator. As a procrastinator if a deadline is set, yet I have time I will drag it out and go as close to the set time as possible. To set a goal of 50 pounds by my 40th BD is surprisingly too easy. I basically achieved that goal, gained some back in June must now get rid of it again and my 40th is still 6 months away. I want to stay on this journey and never go back to who I was. I want to and believe I must achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful physique. What will that weight have to be I don’t know but I do know for me to wear a Swimsuit I can’t have FLAB just FAB 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful Monday. Take your health in your hand. Knowledge is power, I only wish I had taken better care of myself years ago, or at the very least took my health more seriously long before now, but I hear 40 is the year the issues may begin so I am trying to get myself right to reduce the odds of me facing the many diseases and medical issues that plague my family too soon if ever. Medicine has worked wonders and saved many lives but fruits and vegetables can do the same thing with less and or zero side effects. #QuitUsingExcuses, so glad I did!!! Not where I want to be, but creating a better me, without meds or surgery.