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To love another person see the face of God

Evening Bloggers, Facebooker’s, Tweeps etc, etc…. It has been a little while since I was on here. Nonetheless Que of Q.U.E. is officially back. I didn’t intend for things to go on hold but that’s how it unfortunately worked out but things will be getting back to my normal very soon. I will be trying to catch up on topics I’ve missed the past few days. I pray life has been at the very least tolerable and that you remember that you are Blessed to Be a Blessing. Black Trivia should resume tonight at the very least tomorrow night I must find my trivia cards and get to the last question that was posted. My son has my trivia cards sprawled out everywhere but I won’t complain b/c I should have known better and programmed them myself. My intention was for my oldest son to do things for me but he couldn’t figure things out and my attempt to walk him through it over the telephone proved pointless so I apologize for not forewarning you. My plan was to pre-program the trivia questions but that procrastination bug jumped all over me and next thing I knew it was too late and nothing had been done. So again, please accept my apologies.
Friday I left to bid ado to my last uncle and be the best support possible for my mom as she said farewell to her last sibling this past Saturday morning. I had a GREAT TIME seeing family I had not seen in a good while. Meeting some of my family members I had not had the privilege in meeting before all with a warm and loving reception and being around my aunt is never a dull moment, I love her so very much. The love was so pure and genuine til sometimes it was so overwhelming. There love for my children, myself and my mom was totally unexpected but very much appreciated. It’s crazy how we get so accustomed to the drama with those we interact with regularly that we forget there are still caring people in not only the world but other parts of our family.
Prior to getting there my aunt had told me during one of our phone conversation’s that she had went to the funeral parlor to visit her husband and how he was laying there with a smile on his face. I had heard that said before but had never witnessed it. When I  finally got to see him, sho’nuff he had a smile on his face and looked as if he was having one of the best dreams he just did not want to be awaken from. I asked her did that make having to say so long to him make her feel any better and she said yes without any forethought, YES LORD!! She went on to say how she know he is at peace and he is exactly where he has prepared himself to be. She also went on to say how thankful she was for such a wonderful husband, how he really took care of and treated her and was a great provider. My husband loved me and I love my husband!!! she said with pride, confidence and a taste of attitude :-).
Ladies and Gentlemen we need to be careful in choosing who we give our life and times to. Many of you are now and or will shortly be sitting and or lying down next to someone who you can’t stand and they can’t stand you. Life really is too short to settle for anything less than the best possible person for you. No one is perfect but if you find yourself, alone and you’re with someone, feeling more hurt and pain than love and joy, etc, etc, find the strength and love yourself enough to either take time to be alone with yourself to find what your heart really desires or find someone who is worthy of you and your time stop settling just so you can say you have someone. The love between my uncle and his wife, my auntie was not perfect but they were perfect for one another. I am so glad my aunt is left with far more memories of a Blessed life with her husband than painful memories. My uncle was given the military salute for his service to the U.S. Army during WWII as a PFC, Private First Class. For whatever reason the 21 gun salute was not given but given I had never witnessed a military salute and for such a worthy human being during his years of service and just as an overall loving son, brother, husband, father, uncle, Deacon, just an amazing human being I was very happy for the military salute given to him even tho’ the 21 gun salute was not given I was honored for his salute to be my very first to witness. My uncle served GOD and his Country, USA. My mom speaks of how loving and protective he was as her big brother.  Rest with Jesus Uncle, given the smile on your face seeing the face of our heavenly father was one you just could not walk away from. My love for you is beyond this life an eternal.