Woooo what a time this has been. I have not been partying and having fun all this time trust you me. It started out with me being sick, getting caught in the rain getting sick all over again and having a nagging head ache. Finally got rid of that then I was locked out of my account. Could not figure out my password it was driving me wild. I have not had to enter my password in over a year it’s been stored so all I have to do is put in the email and I’m in so why I had to now I could not fathom so it took even longer for me to find what I wrote the password down and so I could enter it. Lol too many sites have you changing your password every so often so keeping up sometimes I just can’t do. More can and will come later but I am back and a lot has been going on personally and news wise. So I will have a lot to talk about later. For those who get their Black History lessons from the Black Trivia Q&A’s B.T. will be back tomorrow night. Sooo sorry for the “delay” for lack of a better word. Things will be on point from here on in. I will treasure my passwords and keep them closer than before. Have a Good Night all and as always be Blessed and be a Blessing to Others.