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Adrian Peterson and Son two pics

I just learned this is not the child who died today but I still love it and the message is still the same. Ladies and Gentlemen PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT!!!!

I remember when this pic was apparently taken. Many of you have seen it floating around the net in the last few hours to days but when I first saw the live footage of this screen shot I didn’t know who Adrian Peterson was but the fact that he was showing his little man some love before the start of the game touched my heart. I thought it was just the cutest thing. I thought what an awesome dad to take the time for his son to extend love at such a busy moment. Today my heart is filled with many emotions the main two are…

Anger~Why am I angry? We women are so DESPERATE to have a man. It doesn’t matter if we can call him all our own or what as long as he’s there at some point what he does while he’s there and or don’t do don’t matter. Given this grown boy was recently charged with battery against this babies mother its obvious abuse in the home was common. Ladies all I’m going to say is, PUT YOUR CHILD(REN) FIRST. Yeah we have to live too but you chose to have that baby and raise it for one reason or another be responsible. To be responsible well part of being responsible is protecting/advocating (putting your life on hold essentially) until your child turns at least 18 years of age and BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY protecting the life and well-being of your child until at least their 18 BD. Ladies we have got to do so much better. You ain’t that scared, catch him cheating with another female you get bold all of a sudden and many of you will attack him all fears aside. The “you ain’t that scared” statement don’t apply to everyone but to far too many who don’t protect their child(ren).

Gratitude~ I feel gratitude that Adrian despite his hectic schedule he took the time out to be a father. He showed his son love in the very short time he was here. To Mr. Adrian Peterson I express my most sincere heart filled condolences. To the mom I express condolences but I believe this child’s life could have been saved. The signs were there and if she had done more spoke up this baby could still be healthy and living. You can’t treat my child any kind of way, NOBODY!!!! To all those who love and are hurting heart-felt prayers for losing a child in such a violent matter brings about many emotions.

Joseph Robert Patterson will have to face what he’s done for the remainder of his life. Serving time in prison I can personally say as a former employee is not easy when you have committed brutal crimes against children and the elderly. People often try to hide the crimes they have committed by lying about their charges when they have raped and or murdered children and the elderly. He will suffer and pay here on earth and in the after life for what he has done. On Judgement day, may Joseph Robert Patterson burn in hell for all eternity.

Rest with God little man, I am so sorry for all the pain and suffering you have endured. May you find peace and comfort with our heavenly father and the loved one’s who have left this life before you and have greeted you at the Heavenly Gates.