Happy Veteran’s Day and Thank You to those who have served, gave their lives for serving and for all the men and women who will serve in the future.

Veteran's Day 13

This past August my uncle a World War II Vet died, he was 87 years of age. He received 4 medals for his service to his Country. I’m very proud of my uncle and other friends and family alike who has served to protect the lives and well-being of others but what I’m most proud of about my uncle is he served his Country was rewarded for his heroic acts and he quietly served to protect the well-being and honor of those around him as an everyday citizen, whether you were near and dear to him or not. He was just an all around great man and he deserved far more rewards than he ever got. His heart was pure love and he had the most contagious smile and laugh. Happy Veteran’s Day :-)!!

S/N I know it’s not 96′ I liked the culture of this pic. Women, men and various races and ethnic groups.