Long Story short I had a flood in the kitchen and had the fun of moving many things out the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen and then reorganizing many things and finding the space to put it all back. It’s funny how you can easily move something but finding space and putting it all back can be problem some. Had to turn off the water to the fridge for the water button got stuck and wouldn’t stop. My mom helped herself to a cup of water and got far more than she bargained for. I tell her all the time you need something tell me or one of my children, otherwise there is no point of my being out here. I was so aggravated by the mess, so much to move and even more to find the space again to put back but I got it all done. Then I guess I kind of get in a funk around my father’s BD which was yesterday. I don’t feel like I feel depressed or low or anything serious just don’t feel like being bothered with the internet coming into his BD and possibly around the end of July which is around the time he died. We learn new things about ourselves daily so I’m still learning me. I don’t go into hiding and or disassociate from those around me or in my circle but I do find I push away from the WWW. world coming into the times mentioned above. I guess I said all that to say this, I am sorry for the days, hours, etc, of delays in the Black Trivia Q&A many read for the knowledge the same reason I try to share it everyday. I learn right along with all of you. Some I know many, many, many of them I don’t. I will resume the Black Trivia on night of Friday November 29, 2013. Be safe everyone and enjoy Thanksgiving with family, friends of just relaxing peacefully with yourself. We all need time to ourselves sometimes.