You can never tell where life is going to lead you. Last night I sat at the dining table powered on my laptop programmed the Black Trivia Q&A stepped away for a moment and was intending to respond to a post once I came back to the table but before I could get back events unfolded. Cars pulled into the yard and right after the phone started ringing. I had just gone into the bathroom and was being rushed out. I was told around the corner down the road my eldest was hit by a car. I come out into a room of panic. My children borderline flipping out, my mom shaking. So I grabbed somethings and left with one of the family members who had come to tell me about it. Get to the scene. They had strapped him to the gurney b/c he was refusing care but he couldn’t walk. He was being rude to the EMT and Fire Department staff. He had a warm greeting for me once he saw me standing at the door of the ambulance, “Who went and got you?” The truth of the matter is that he was riding his bike in the dark, possibly wearing dark clothes with improper lighting on the bike which he had been told multiple times by numerous of people including myself just the night before the accident, long story short HE rode HIS BIKE into the car. He hit the side of the car and him and his bike rolled onto and or flipped onto the front hood of the car. I was more concerned about the elderly couple who was driving the car, they were shaken up by the experience and was worried they had injured someone. I told them he’s a young man, of good health he’ll be fine and given his continued defiance and rudeness to the medical team I told them not to worry about him but to keep themselves calm. This young man has done some of the most weirdest things as a child and seem to continue as an adult. Those on the scene were concerned b/c of how they saw his bike and his body fly up and come back down. The fact that he couldn’t get himself up but was on the ground refusing medical treatment. Not permitting the Fire Dept. and or EMT’s to touch him while basically confined to the middle of what can a rather busy pitch black road. There are no street lights, only the headlights from the vehicles and the lights from the ambulance and the fire truck. Police hadn’t made it to the scene. So they made a power move deemed him unstable which in many ways I believe he is even prior to this event, they lifted him up placed him on the gurney and strapped him to it. I’m now aggravated and totally fed up by his behavior to these strangers who are doing all they can, paid and those who are volunteering their time, so I told him to shut up, stop being so defiant and rude to these people and do as they are telling you to do and walked away to call back home to let those back home know he’s fine and being his typical ignorant self. Next thing I know they are asking what hospital to take him to, I gave them the name of one of the local hospitals in the area, gave the info to the officer he requested, talked more with the couple who unfortunately were the one’s he crashed into very nice people. Genuine concern didn’t want to mention damage to their car only was focused on him and the damage to him and his bike. They were visibly shaken but otherwise well. The driver said he really will try to avoid the road especially at night b/c the Officer stated that its common for people on bikes to get hit by cars in that location.  I’m not too sure how common it is for those on bikes to hit vehicles. The witness told me how it happened and his behavior and they were concerned b/c he was Calling the medical staff stupid but he’s the one who clearly rode his bike into an oncoming car stuck sitting on the ground of a dark road can’t get up and telling those who are trying to help him up not to touch him. Once all was done and the couple was kind enough to put his bike in the trunk of their car and drive his bike back to the house. Once the officer was done with typing up his report, I then went back to the house, I had to get dinner wrapped up, family fed, children bathed and in bed. They feed and bathe themselves but they especially my daughter need motivation to get to bed on time. The children you give birth to, some of them become more of a problem once they are grown. He’s been accident prone all his life but his here takes the cake and the rudeness and disrespect is not acceptable. I asked the couple was he rude to them and they said no, he was respectful to them but rude and refusing help from the medical team. I write this in hopes of if you can see yourself negatively in this post changes are very necessary. Don’t be rude and mean to those who are doing their best to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them a long time or its their job, you can courteously refuse someone’s help. Even those who get paid don’t get paid enough to deal with the foolery. People don’t realize the blessings upon them, until one day all the blessings run out. They say wisdom comes with age, young people need to hurry up and wise up sooner than later. Absolute defiance hurts no one but the individual. You must listen to someone sometimes.