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Celebrate days of KwanzaaI’m almost late but not quite. Today December 26, 2013 kicks off the first day of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is not about religion it is about embracing our culture. The culture and being proud of who we are. Blacks! You can be African-American if you want to, I’m Black and very proud. #StopBlackOnBlackCrime

A Celebration of Family, Community and the Common Good

Today is about UNITY/Umoja To strive daily to engage in practices which build bonds of affection and attachment to our family members, our school teachers, and our neighbors

Perspective on Unity

Promoting the unity of the human family is the task of the whole family. Unity is action on behalf of the family, calling us to help overcome the divisions among family members, and to strengthen the ties that define and bind us as family members. Unity is the spiritual and social gravity which pulls the family together- husband and wife, parent and children, and family and neighbor. At its core, the principle unity is about attachment- attachment to each others and most importantly to the values which define us as family, as community and as a people. On Unity Day, the family celebrates its togetherness (ingathering), the achievements of family members (the harvest concept of Kwanzaa).