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I'm Back Blog March 31It was a long break to me, I’m used to logging in almost every single day posting black trivia or whatever but I don’t know if I was hacked I noticed nothing was posted while I was LOCKED OUT!!! Yet I couldn’t get in, I’ve added my number so hopefully this won’t happen again. I’m also going to text myself my password b/c I still don’t know it after what 2+ years and I couldn’t find the notebook I wrote it in an once I did find it, the way I coded it when I wrote it I couldn’t think back to how I was thinking at the time. Crazy right. Nonetheless I’m back, changing pass code, texting it to my phone so I should be good from here on. So how you all been doing? Hope all has been as great as possible with you all. Make matters even crazier I have no problem with Twitter and I hadn’t actually logged into Twitter in the past year or so, and I’m locked out of my email and have been locked out for at least 6+ months b/c I have forgotten that password. Too many sites ask you to change your password and it just messes me up, I  know I’m not the only one who has this issue:-). Great to be back, Lol!!!