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Working on me

Good Morning! It’s been a long time, but I’m still around. I’m yet trying to get myself together. Managing my diet, fighting to shed these unwanted pounds. I had a brief moment of giving up, but I had to quickly snap myself out of that b/c I know what giving up on my health would cause. So to get back on track, I just had to face that last year took more out of me than I thought. Confessing that to myself allowed me to clear up space so I could say, ok, this is what I need to do so this is what I’m going to do and formulate a feasible plan. Excuses takes up a lot of time that we never get back, and space we don’t have. Once I faced my truth, Q.U.E., I evicted the excuses from my thought process, I’m now able to refocus and get things back on track. Don’t get complacent b/c it’s something you’ve always done, so now it’s a comfortable spot or easy for you to do. Complacency much like procrastination IMO is of the devil. Remember regardless of what others in your family went through and or is going through, you can do and be better. Their poor health doesn’t have to be your poor health. Quit Using Excuses, you know better, so do better. Have a great Monday, and as always Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others.