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Malcom X Adversity

Good Morning, I pray the unrest in Baltimore has calmed overnight and no one has has been killed. I love so many of Brother Malcolm X quotes. He spoke the truth to the very things that are still plaguing this country scores and decades after his murder. When people marched and protest the murder of Mike Brown, they burned down Ferguson, Missouri.

Last night the day of young Mr. Gray’s funeral, the day this young man’s family was forced to say goodbye to him, the looters burned down Baltimore. If we are to take the lesson from the previous situation and improve our performance in the events that follow the other, why are we doing the same thing expecting different results? Yes the media does show the violent protest and not the peaceful marches.  So many people have this, us against them mentality and as long as that mentality remain, the cycle of unjust actions, and the cries of oppressed people shall remain.

Blacks call for police assistance, when a non minority officer responds we do not shun them, we in our time of need utilize their assistance. Stay with me. Every Officer Black, White or every other nationality is not bad and it’s not right when we say I need you now so I’m for you, but when someone wearing an identical badge and not fitting my needs at the moment I will be totally against. We have some great officers that patrol various communities throughout the U.S.A. We cannot mix these bad ones in with the good. We must fight them as they are, individuals representing a force. We must stop taking from our own b/c we’re angry/mad as hell. Where is it getting us? Baltimore, as in Ferguson, people lost businesses, Black people, they were hurt that their fellow Blacks burned down their business and took away their livelihoods. The owners had employees so multiple families were affected by the acts of few. I’m not saying don’t express yourselves and accept the wrong doing committed against Blacks. What I am saying is act accordingly. Out there on those streets looting, burning things down, fighting one another, etc…, you’re acting exactly like the demonic animals they see you as.

Now, you put some thoughts into your actions, file some legal documents, force your local City and State Representatives to get involved then they will become worried. Those acting a menace on the streets will get locked up if not killed and many will take to the media not focusing on Mr. Gray and his brutal death, they will focus on the fools looting on the streets that in no way will get any justice for the Gray family. This is not a game of checkers people, we’re playing Chess! Checker players move without much forethought maybe just one move ahead, chess players think 2-3 or more moves ahead and put their opponent in check and touch the board only one to two times.

So let’s change things up, use our brains. File legal documents, or at the very least put some thought into your actions. Do some research, spend more time being proactive and less reactive. You have the right to file legal docs, and you may do so without all the cost. Those who are a certain percentage below the poverty level may be able to file indigent. Meaning~poor, destitute, impoverished, homeless, etc….. Many have for ignorant reasons have tried to impeach President Obama, use your power to remove these people who support the continued oppressed acts out of office. Catching felonies and losing your legal voice helps no one.

I don’t have the answers, all I know is for the last 20+ we’ve been looting, we’ve been burning things down, we’ve been doing many of the wrong things, let’s try something new and see where it gets us. These are only my opinions. Be safe regardless of where you are.