Reason to eat veggies

I am still on my quest to add new fruits and veggies to my diet every year. The year before last I added asparagus, coleslaw and black grapes. Last year I believe I started eating spinach and mushrooms, both raw not cooked. This year so far, I’ve tried raw kale did not care for it, cauliflower cooked was okay, I added black olives not by themselves either in a salad or cooked and either that’s all so far or that’s all I can remember. Broccoli at one point I was eating steamed broccoli daily for breakfast with a liter or more of water. Either later this year or within the next year I plan on trying an avocado and something else. My goal has been to introduce at least two new fruits and or veggies to my diet each year, so I won’t get bored with eating healthy. I used to make a boring salad of just croutons, lettuce and tomatoes. Now I’ve eliminated the croutons and I put strawberries, almonds, different kinds of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, from time to time I would add cucumbers but I’m going to make it a point to eat cucumbers more often. I’ve added cabbage back into my diet. Not the kind I grew up on.

The kind I grew up on was cooked with smoked neck bones or ham hocks and bacon, seasoned then would cook until basically soggy. I stop putting meat in mines, light seasoning, olive oil, and I cook them done but still with a crisp to retain the nutrients cabbage has to offer. Maybe I’ll try a red cabbage, we always had a green cabbage when I was growing up and that’s what we eat today.

Benefits of Cabbage

I also learned the benefits of eating various peppers raw. The only times I have eating a raw green pepper is on a sub. So my goal this year is to add various Bell Peppers to my “skittle” mix. My “skittle” mix contain, various grapes and cherry tomatoes. I remember when I first did the mix, I did only a few not too sure how they would all taste together. I quickly ate what I had and got more. Delicious!! So to cut some Bell Peppers in bite sized chunks and mix it in with the rest of my “skittle” mix should be even better.

There are many ways to help yourself and and do better. I don’t want to take medications that help with this but cause a side affect of this and that if I can avoid it. If not then I have to do what I have to do, but if I can change the food I eat, and use healthy meals to do what the various medications may attempt to do, I’d rather eat myself healthy. Last year I also started frying only with Olive Oil. Olive Oil is a little on the expensive side so, I only buy it once every so many months and once we’re out, we’re out and we just go a couple of months without any fried meals. Giving new meaning to the term, eating to live not living to eat. #QuitUsingExcuses, good luck…..For the benefits of eating fruit check out my