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Alton Sterling

In the months since my last post so much has occurred. Some things were positive but when things were negative they were overtly negative. Such as the killing of minorities by police officers. A minority launching an attack and killing multiple police officers in retaliation. Some on social media were saying it was very insensitive for various media outlets to show these type of images. I ask, is it better for children to witness these acts?

Philando Castile

The child, a four year old baby attempting to console her grieving mother as they both try to wrap their minds around the fact that they had just watched their loved one brutally shot and killed by someone who is there to protect and serve. We can’t shelter our children from the reality of these events. The four year old occupying the back seat of the car had an unobstructed view of the brutal murder that occurred just inches away from her eyes, thankfully she wasn’t a victim due to a ricocheted bullet. This isn’t Men In Black, (MIB) the move this is a reality that far too many of our children are to somehow live with, and there isn’t anyway possible to erase these events from their memory. I used to say we must shelter our children from brutally heinous things that happen. Sadly we must educate our children before we are ready because we just never know.

The week of the Pulse shootings in Orlando my son wanted to go to the local mall. Instead of forcing my paranoia on him, since he was going out without me I had to give him what I had at best in how to survive a possible mass shooting at the mall. We already had the talk on how to behave if he has an encounter with Law Enforcement.

The Black Live Matter Movement does NOT encourage violence against members of the Law Enforcement Community. The Black Lives Movement is a call to action to hold the few members the Law Enforcement Community who violate the civil rights of minorities and those who without probable cause, cause great bodily harm and or death. BLMM, is demanding a fair an unbiased investigation into these slayings. Most people who are in support of the BLMM grieve violence against minorities by officers and grieve the recent violence against the Officers in Dallas as well.

To the Members of our Federal Justice System I say, don’t try and pacify the people. Too often the Federal Justice System investigating these local agencies has not led to any prosecutions of various individuals. In a society where even the homeless community has a cell phone with a camera/video and the capability to upload footage, elementary students have iPhones and Smart Phones and or tablets,  there are cameras on local streets, residential homes and businesses, etc, etc we as adults and our children will be forced to witness these horrific acts time and time again. Instead of sweeping the issue under the rug, or throwing another bone in already filled to capacity closet we must come to a solution.  One where our paths cross and we all survive.

Dallas shooting

In this pic above taken in the wake of the Dallas shooting last night I see Black, I see White, I see what I believe to be a Hispanic. Last night we all was affected by the murder of the officers in Dallas just like we all have been affected by the murder of Mr. Sterling, Mr. Castile and others who were killed by officers. Not only were White Officers shot and killed but a Hispanic Officer was killed, and a Black woman was injured during this attack. We must take our anger and apply it where we can all survive.

Prayers to all the families who are mourning the absence of a loved one that was violently taken.