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It is with such, I don’t even know what words to use right now. Disgust, irony to start, but as I’m reading press releases by FBI, I’ll start with them. They have CONFIRMED IDENTITIES of several OFFENDERS who stormed, took over, committed acts of Domestic Terrorism to the United States Capitol. Yet, these are people of interest, that they want to talk to. Are they not, THUGS?? A large number of these people were armed, they’re on video, there’s also pictures. YOU know who they are, YOU have their addresses, YOU not only perceive them as a threat but YOU also anticipate that they are armed, yet, no, NO KNOCK WARRANT?? If there is a JUSTIFIABLE reason for a NO KNOCK WARRANT to be implemented, and FULLY utilized, we witnessed it yesterday. YET, 24 hours later ONLY, SIXTY EIGHT people arrested, approximately FIFTY of those was from violating the 6PM curfew. The U.S. Capitol Police chief, hearing him DEFEND their LACK of action in response to ARMED DOMESTIC TERRORIST who broke into and basically held the SEATED VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE And PROHIBITED, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT FROM CONDUCTING OFFICIAL BUSINESS, made the BLATANT DIFFERENCES ABUNDANTLY CLEAR. Then I THINK BACK to hearing him JUSTIFY AN EXPLAIN WHY IT WAS NECESSARY to LAUNCH RUBBER BULLETS INTO THE FACES of American Citizens who were UNARMED and PEACEFULLY Protesting the SYSTEMIC RACISM and the SLAUGHTERING OF UNARMED AN EVEN HANDCUFFED BLACK MEN AND WOMEN BY POLICE. The differences would be funny, but there isn’t anything funny about our Black Boys, Girls, Women and Men being killed by police and told its justified. Even when there’s VIDEO THAT CONTRADICTS THEIR REPORTS. “These People”, who are also Domestic Terrorist via multitude of Video and Pictures are being treated with far more dignity and respect despite their REBELLION because their FEELINGS got hurt because the person they voted for lost, than Black people who were killed by various means, typically SHOT for really doing very minor things in comparison to yesterday’s ARMED CITIZENS WHO TOOK THE US CAPITOL BY FORCE, aka DOMESTIC TERRORIST. Some Black people were killed for selling loose cigarettes, being a kid and playing with a toy gun, just telling an officer you have a right to carry permit never going for or brandishing the gun, suspicion of a counterfeit bill, little girl laying on the couch in her home, sleeping in her bed after working to save lives during a pandemic and the list goes on…. 12 year old BLACK BOY playing with a toy gun, DEAD, 17 year old WHITE BOY with an assault rifle, cops drove right by em’. I keep hearing people say that if people who were protesting this past summer were the one’s who stormed the U.S. Capitol Bldg., the response would be different. In the words of Sara Palin, YOU BETCHA! They would have been SHOT before or as they went up the stairs to the Capitol. They would NOT have made entry into that building!! Far more than ONE person would be SHOT AND KILLED!! Police in ALL STATES know how to police. They just have been SYTEMICALLY TAUGHT how to police in minority communities. I remember a few years ago, Miami Dade County, Florida was using photos of inmates. Not sure if they were current at the time or former inmates, but nonetheless, they were using photos of BLACK inmates as targets on the gun range for officers to certify and or recertify their firearms license. Again this was a few years ago, and to my knowledge they stopped as the media and the internet got wind of it. Not because they felt it was wrong, but because they were exposed. Another Blatant Difference, they have NOT released the identity of the Capitol Officer who remained in the hospital because he was severely beaten by the TERRORIST WHO STORMED THE STATE CAPITOL. Why, I believe and it is only my opinion. Yet I believe this officer is Black and he was beaten because he was a Black Officer by mostly White men who proclaim to respect and have undying loyalty to “Blue Lives”. I just heard on the news 6:44 PM January 7, 2021, that, the United States Capitol Police Officer beaten by the DOMESTIC TERRORIST INCITED BY THE SEATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HAS DIED!! He was beaten and tased probably with his own job issued taser. This IS America!! So much for being THE LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT

Either you get it, or you don’t, but you can’t deny they’re not the same.