Ya know, for over 10 years I’ve seen various news outlets air Black Boys, Girls, Men and Women on REPEAT who were killed by police. I don’t know HOW MANY TIMES, news outlets AIRED an ALMOST NINE MINUTE VIDEO OF GEORGE FLOYD MURDER from the VERY MOMENT it’s in there possession. It becomes BREAKING NEWS, yet the VIDEO OF THE WHITE WOMAN who was shot and killed by officers AFTER SHE BROKE INTO THE U.S. CAPITOL, has NOT BEEN RELEASED, HAS NOT BEEN AIRED, YOU HEAR THE SHOT but then, they cut the video. WHY?? Is it because the only TRUE VICTIMS AMERICA SEES, are BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYED GIRLS AND WOMEN. EVEN when they are where they are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AND committing CRIMES AGAINST THE COUNTRY SHE ONCE SWORE TO PROTECT, she was a military veteran. News outlets take POLICE AND SHERIFF DEPARTMENTS TO COURT TO FORCE THE RELEASE of video Black Boys, Girl Men and women killed by police. The video of TWELVE YEAR OLD, TAMIR RICE, was recently shown AGAIN years after he was killed by an officer for having a toy gun. Yet, because its a White woman ON VIDEO being SHOT AND KILLED WHILE WITH MALICIOUS INTENT, WHILE COMMITTING ACTS OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM INSIDE THE UNITED STATED CAPITOL BUILDING ON AMERICAN SOIL, she was INSIDE. Yet, DESPITE, the fact she turned on and physically attacked the same Constitution and Country she once swore to protect, will pay for her burial. She’ll be buried as a HERO. Even tho, her LAST ACT, was to attack America. Tamir Rice family, I don’t know, maybe his mom had a life insurance policy on him, or took out a loan she had to pay back. Maybe they sold some dinners, or did a gofundme page. Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Eric Bell, Daniel Prude, government didn’t pay for their burials.