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Yes!! He lost by over SEVEN MILLION VOTES!!

I keep hearing republicans say EIGHTY MILLION VOTERS who voted for trump is why they’re questioning the results. They are fighting for their voice. Well, they can take a seat, matter of fact, have several seats. Eighty million people DID NOT vote for trump. He may have had 80 or more million FOLLOWERS on his now no longer existing because its been shutdown twitter page but LESS THAN 75 million people voted for trump. OVER EIGHTY ONE MILLION PEOPLE voted for Biden, which is why Joseph R. Biden is the WINNER of the November 3, 2020 election and became the President Elect. Stop the steal?? Stop The Lie!! It all comes down to Basic math. It’s really that simple. The person with the most votes win!! Many of us didn’t like the 2016 results, yet no one attacked the U.S. Capitol bldg. Go figure!!