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Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King, I believe would be proud of the accomplishments, we’ve made in the Civil Rights Movement. I think about how overcome with emotions and joy he would have had to be able to witness Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President Of The United States of America, January 20, 2009. A Black man, held the highest position in America when less than 50 years prior Blacks had water hoses and dogs turned on them for just trying to register to vote. To be alive today, where in just five days we will witness a Black woman, walk into the White House as Vice President of The United States of America. A position, no other woman before her has held. The joy that I imagine would be fulfilling his heart if only he was here to witness these historic events. For those who say, he’d be dead by now or out of his mind anyways. I can say, not so fast. Dr. King was born January 15, 1929. He is one month and two days older than my mom. She’s excitedly looking forward to celebrating her 92nd birthday next month. She’ll join millions of women of all colors and cultural background wearing Pearls of different colors on January 20, 2021 to celebrate the first Woman elected to serve as Vice President.