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During the Chauvin trial I keep hearing the defense attorney say that Chauvin followed his training. I took defensive tactics and firearms training about 15 years ago, passing both. Chauvin is said to be a 19 year vet on the force. So his training should have and most likely was similar to mines.

First thing I want to point out is, the officer in training to the left and the officer in training to the right hands are NOT IN THEIR POCKETS. In training we are told our hands are NOT to be in our pockets because we could lose crucial seconds to respond to an emergency saving someone else or save our own lives. We can place our hands to our side, behind our backs or in front of us. NEVER IN OUR POCKETS! When the instructor caught someone standing or sitting with their hands in their pockets they had to run or do pushups or whatever the instructor chose as a form of punishment. Also see how their feet are spread apart. Not crossed, again save crucial seconds to respond to any situation.

2. I WAS trained to place my knee between the shoulder blade of the subjects neck. APPLYING PRESSURE ONLY WHEN NECESSARY TO GET THE SUBJECT TO COMPLY WITH DEMANDS. We were trained to NOT LEAVE OUR KNEE THERE FOR AN EXTENDED TIME. More Importantly We were trained to REACCESS THE SUBJECTS CONDITION OFTEN. Listening and looking for any signs that the subject maybe having any difficulties. Listening to how the subject is breathing, paying attention to their chest for any signs of distress. If any signs are found call for medical and start life saving measure not limited to but including CPR.

3. IF YOU SUSPECT THE SUBJECT TO BE HIGH ON SOMETHING, handcuff the subject in hopes of preventing harm to themselves and or staff and CALL or GET THEM TO MEDICAL!!

4. I WAS also TRAINED THAT IF A SUBJECT SAYS THEY CAN’T BREATHE, THEY ARE IN FACT BREATHING BECAUSE IT TAKES BREATHS TO SAY THE WORDS. From what we’ve seen with Eric Garner to George Floyd and too many in-between, I hope this is no longer taught. Everyone is different but far too many instances where someone was talking right up until the second they wasn’t, they went unresponsive and died. Not worth the risk. The goal is to PROTECT AND SERVE.

Why wasn’t the patty wagon called? Really that’s neither here nor there because an ambulance should have been called to transport George Floyd to the hospital for treatment for suspicion of being high on something, not to the morgue due to excessive force by the police.

From what I can tell the only part of his training that it appears Derek Chauvin followed was placing his knee between George Floyd’s shoulder blade. I WASN’T trained to dig my knee into an offenders neck. I Heard officers asking was it common for George Floyd’s eyes to glass over or roll or to do something when high on PCP? Soon as it was suspected that he was high on something medical should have been called to the scene and the goal was no longer to arrest but to save his life especially with his eyes rolling back or whatever they noticed.

Officers talked about the size of George Floyd. He appeared tall but not uncommonly big to me. He was definitely tall, 6’7″. However if they thought he was so big, why didn’t they use two sets of handcuffs to extend the cuffs so his arms wouldn’t have to be pulled so far behind his back? With “BIG” subjects it is common practice to use two sets of handcuffs and lock them securely on the offender. With the multiple officers on George Floyd once he was laying on the ground there was ample opportunity to add another pair of cuffs to give his arms some relief.

NOWHERE IN MY TRAINING DURING DEFENSIVE TACTICS WERE WE TOLD TO GRAB SOMEONE AROUND THEIR NECK. George Floyd was pulled from the patrol car with both hands of an officer around his neck while other officers grabbed pulled on him as well.

He was suspected of passing a fake $20 bill and he was unarmed. Some Armed offenders received far better treatment and were taken in alive and commonly not wounded. Some have even been fed takeout. George Floyd was denied water as he begged and pleaded for his life.

It is my belief that if ANY ONE of the officers charged with the homicide of George Floyd came upon someone treating a dog or any other animal the way they treated Mr. Floyd that individual would have been immediately arrested and the animal would have been given water and medical treatment to prevent death. Why wasn’t George Floyd given humane treatment?

I worked at a prison. The offenders/inmates I interacted with had been ARRESTED or given an appearance ticket, had a TRIAL, was CONVICTED and SENTENCED to at least a year and a day by a JUDGE AND was THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE!! George Floyd was denied that due process. Derek Chauvin was George Floyd’s Jury, Judge an Executioner on the streets. The training that some of which all Correctional staff had to participate in at various times depending on title was per the training for Police Officers. All prison staff had annual CPR and some other training annually. Those who chose to work in Security (correctional officers, Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Sergeant’s) had to take and pass the approximately 3-4 month long class which included defensive tactics hours. Bottom Line, Derek Chauvin DID NOT FOLLOW HIS TRAINING!! In all honesty if still available, I’d like to see Chauvin’s Defensive Tactics Training instructor take the stand. Stop the lie being repeated by Nelson, Chauvin’s Defense Attorney.