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Good Afternoon. The last day of November, 2022. 2023, will be here before we know it. I don’t make New Year Resolutions. So, keeping with tradition. My plan is to get my design business if you will, going. At some point I’ll most likely create a new page but for now, I’ll use this one. So either later today or tomorrow, I’ll begin posting pictures of my work for purchase. Some designs I created. Mostly phrases. Some designs I purchased from etsy. Other designs I got from the cricut app and or page. I currently have the Explore Air 2. Sometime next year I plan on getting the cricut maker. Not the 3. Either the one or two. I’ll also upgrade my printer so I can do bigger sublimination images. I’ve been nervous about doing this but for every reason I told myself I can’t. I’ve told myself that I can. Therefore I must, at least try. Do this for me. So I’m nervous but excited. Have a great day.